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Best Practice Update

man in a blue suit with a blue padlock hovering above his hands.  The word governance in white text on a blue background

The Governors and Data Best Practice area has been updated with some new content from the Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies.  There is a training video: 'Protecting Yourself and Your School from Cybercrime' and a pdf of the slides from the video. There is input for school governors to highlight the risks presented by cyber crime and the resources and support available to help you improve your organisation's cyber security.

Hands typing on a laptop. Laptop screen shows view of the Compliance manager which is part of the Data Protection Education Knowledge Bank portal.

We launched our Schools Best Practice area at the beginning of this term which includes specific guides and support for schools.  There is also a specific area for Trusts and the Central Team.  The Trusts Central Team section is a specific area for additional requirements and guidance for the central team of a trust and should be used in conjunction with the other tabs in the best practice area.  

Lettings and Best Practice in Blue text, hand dangling a bunch of keys. Data Protection Education DPO badge in the bottom left

During our data walks we are looking at data breach risks, in terms of 'Who has access to what data?'.  As part of our walk we may ask who has access to the school other than the employees and children attending, for example, Lettings.  As Lettings usually occur outside of the school working day, physical security can be overlooked or not thought about and so raises the risk of a data breach.  This article is launching our Lettings Checklist for schools which is shown at the end o

grey computer keyboard with blue key with white text:'Data Migration'

Moving MIS is a daunting task and is no small undertaking for a school. Moving to the cloud from a legacy system means that there are cyber security benefits but may be something new to your organisation. There is often the assumption that the new MIS porvider will seamlessly migrate the data for you, however there is a considerable amount of work that the school must do beforehand in order to make this happen.  This article provides some practical guidance and considerations.

public sector in brown text on cream puzzle pieces held at each end by hands

Computing Magazine recently reported about the ICO reprimanding seven organisation for domestic abuse breaches in the last 14 months.  A collection of public bodies, charitable organisations, law enforcers and lawyers have made personal data slips when handling domestic abuse cases in teh last year, showig abusers where to find their victim is hiding.

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  22. Email and retention periods
  23. Sharing this year’s Nativity play online
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  25. A quick introduction to the Phishing Simulation tool
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  27. B&H FOI Request: ‘Racial Literacy Training 101’
  28. Protocol for Setting Up and Delivery of Online Teaching and Learning
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  30. Model Publication Scheme: Amendments, Improvements and Updates
  31. Transparency
  32. Brexit...what we know so far.
  33. Parents and students covertly recording conversations
  34. SAR? ER? FOI?
  35. Research projects and GDPR
  36. Cyber security alert issued following rising attacks on UK academia
  37. Emergency contacts and consent
  38. Quick guide to key contact information: LA and other information
  39. Quick guide to key contact information: Official DfE guidance
  40. Key elements of a successful DPIA
  41. FOI Publication Schemes
  42. Best Practice for Managing Photos and Video
  43. New Drip Feeds: Recognise and Respond to Subject Access Request
  44. When to contact the Data Protection Officer?
  45. National child measurement programme 2019
  46. Make sure DPE is your registered DPO with the ICO
  47. Passwords – simplifying the approach