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Appropriate filtering and monitoring definitions

The UK Safer Internet Centre has announced a public consultation for appropriate filtering and monitoring definitions.
The definitions should help schools and providers understand what is considered 'appropriate', this is alongside the DfE's statutory guidance:
Keeping Children Safe in Education
DfE Filtering and Monitoring Standards for Schools and Colleges

The substantive changes include:

  • References to the updated Keeping Children Safe in Education
  • Hate Speech as inappropriate online content.
  • Ensuring no one in a school can disable filters for illegal content.
  • Contextual content filter and dynamically filter the responses produced by ChatGPT (ensuring that the filtering system is capable of analysing GenAI created content).
  • An update to prompt providers to describe how their systems are deployed alongside any required configurations.
  • Additional clarity of any configuration required to filter system features of App and Mobile Content.

The full consultation can be viewed:
2024 Appropriate filtering and monitoring definitions published for public consultation