The headteacher of a grammar school has left her role after sending parents a list of the teachers going on strike. The Headteacher at King Edward VI Five Ways Grammar school in Birmingham  had

Given the current financial pressure on schools it is very likely there are devices in schools running out of date software.  This article looks at the most recent version of Windows that support has

Cybersecurity should be seen as a key element of normal working practices. On the 10th October 2022 the DfE issued updated cybersecurity standards for schools.  Given most of the standards should al

In the future, there could be less fines being handed out to Public sector organisations, according to the ICO’s new data protection regulator. The thought behind this comes from the idea that using

Potential Changes to ‘Cookies’  As part of the Government’s proposed changes to data protection laws, one of the areas that would see changes is the practices around cookie consent. Curren

Organisations in Ukraine are the target of Destructive Malware   Agencies in the US and Australia have published alerts in response to a recent increase in cyber threats to organisations in Ukraine

Recently there has been an annual study published by Ponemon Institute (sponsored by Experian) entitled “Is Your Company Ready for a Big Data Breach?”. The study looks at the state of breach prepa

Microsoft Azure Breach Leads to Student Data Exposure  Researchers and Clario published a report which outlined how an open Microsoft Azure repository indexed by a public search engine which needed

It’s been far too long since we’ve checked in with Facebook (now Meta), and their ongoing mission to make as much money as possible from our data, so we thought we would discuss the Metaverse, wit

The 1st of January, the 25th of December, and the 28th of January- the three biggest dates in the calendar each year for being New Years Day, Christmas Day and of course, Data Privacy Day.

With cyber threats increasing every month, we’ll be looking to provide weekly updates on the different cyber security threats that have taken place recently to highlight all the different ways in wh

At Data Protection Education, we are carrying out an ongoing project on assessing potential organisations that our schools are either currently contracted with to supply a product or service, or may i

With great power comes great responsibility and internet companies should be starting to appreciate and take more seriously the responsibilities they hold further to the publication of the report by t

Email is the classic GDPR issue - it's not about the system where we store things, it's about the process and how that data is used. So ask yourself, what is the content of the email and what does it

Cyber attacks are on the up, and with the education sector seeing the highest number of cyber attacks of any sector since the start of the pandemic, as well as the highest increase in attacks in that

On the 10th of November 2021, The Supreme Court announced their long awaited decision regarding a lawsuit between Mr Lloyd and Google. The court found unanimously in favour of Google, and dismissed th

Another week, another Facebook story. Don’t worry, we're not slowly becoming a Facebook news outlet, they just keep making headlines in the world of data protection, and this time seemingly for a po

Judge rules that Amazon Ring doorbells breach GDPR: A judge in Oxford County Court has ruled that audio recordings from an Amazon Ring doorbell have breached data protection laws. The case involved a

The ICO has published a new code of practice entitled the ‘Data Sharing Code’. The code came into force on October 5th 2021, after being published on September 14th 2021. DLA Piper provides a good

Under UK GDPR, organisations that hold personal information/data about people have a responsibility to ensure that that data is being dealt with in line with the relevant legislation.

At Data Protection Education, we are currently working on contacting all school suppliers with the aim of receiving all of their privacy policies and data agreements to ensure they are being GDPR comp

The Children’s Code The first update from the ICO is that the transition year for the introduction of The Children’s Code (also known as The Age Appropriate Design Code) has passed, with the code

Recording staff vaccination data Firstly, a couple of links as reference...though they don't really tell you the answer - especially the second one which doesn't seem to have been updated post-August

The National Cyber Security Centre has today upgraded it's advice to schools relating to the prevalence of cybers attacks in the sector:

We've looked at the importance of an adequacy decision to allow the free-flow of data between the United Kingdom and Europe in our earlier articles on Brexit. Finally, although in reality quite quickl

Purely from a data protection perspective! There are various provisions around data in the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

What Is Transparency Transparency is about being clear, open and honest with your users about what they can expect from you.

As we all know, on 31 December 2020, the Transition Period (sometimes also referred to as the “Implementation Period”) under the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement will come to an end. And one of the are

We know the jargon can be confusing. As can the timelines for responding to the various requests that you receive. Is it a month? Or 30 days? Are those working days? So here's a little chart to simp

The ‘Five Eyes’ is an alliance between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Its purpose is to provide a multilateral agreement for military and secu

UPDATE 08/10/20 11:00am WisePay are sending emails to all affected customers with a secure download link containing the lists of affected users. These are customers who used a payment card between F

Adapted from: The GDPR does not prescribe the exac

We have added publication scheme model templates in the FOI Best Practice area for academies as well as maintained schools. Difference between the High Level and Detailed Publication Scheme

Some of you may have seen in the press the long-running legal dispute of Various Claimants vs Morrisons,  which after starting in the High Court in 2017 has finally seen a ruling issued by the Suprem

The Government has provided some guidance on the avoidance of disinformation online. What is disinformation? Disinformation is the deliberate creation or disseminatio

At times like these, we often hear that "data protection goes out of the window" or "safeguarding and public safety trumps GDPR". In fact, though there are incredible pressures on everyone, data prote