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We've put all the specific school and trust related data protection guides, documents and queries into one area to make it easier for you. As data protection is closely linked to cyber security the se

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The time following a cyber attack can be very stressful, and in the heat of the moment it can be difficult to know what the best thing to do between working out what went wrong, how to recover and wha

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We've created a model Social Media Policy.  The policy outlines guidelines and expectations for the use of social media platforms by individuals and employees associated with an organisation.&nbs

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Surrey Police are investigating a fraud and computer misuse allegation at AQA, England's largest exam board which follows the recent data breach reported by Cambridgeshire Policy into a data breach wi

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This article is one in a series of articles about raising cyber awareness in an organisation.  We visit a number of organisations through our data walks and often discuss the use of USB sticks wi

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Manchester University was hit by a cyber attack last week, with the possibility that personal data was stolen by the attacker.  A statement was made on their website by Patrick Hackett, Registrar

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This article is about a recent cyber attack on Leytonstone School.  The school in Waltham Forest has been closed since half term after it was targeted and a significant amount of personal data wa

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A reprimand has been issued by the ICO to Parkside Community Primary School in relation to the infringements of Article 5 (1)(f), Article 24 (1) and Article 32 of the UK GDPR. This article discusses t

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This article is about firewalls and how they can help in your plan towards being cyber resilient.What is a firewall?  Think of a firewall as an intruder detection system for your organisation's n

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As we are in the last part of the school year, this is often the time that we see a rise in the number of Subject Access Requests received by schools.  This article, therefore, covers guidance an

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A Dorchester school has recently suffered a cyber attack in the form of a Ransomware attack.Following the attack the school has been left unable to use email or accept payments.The school is working w

May 4th is World Password Day - it's good to have a day to consider how secure your passwords are and where you store that information. Intel created World Password Day - the first Thursday of May -

A Wiltshire secondary school has been severely affected by a targeted attack by hackers who demanded a ransom to restore access to its IT network.  The attack affected the school's local server,

This article is linked to a series of articles about different types of Cyber Attacks. They can be viewed in the Information/Cyber Security News section of the Data Protection Education webs

This article is about the use of WhatsApp as a communication tool in schools and recent vulnerabilities. It discusses school staff using WhatsApp as a communication method for school business. We are

This articles lists the latest updates and new documents to the Knowledge Bank. Password checklist Information/Cyber Security Checklist Supplier Due Diligence Form Inform

The headteacher of a grammar school has left her role after sending parents a list of the teachers going on strike. The Headteacher at King Edward VI Five Ways Grammar school in Birmingham  had

Given the current financial pressure on schools it is very likely there are devices in schools running out of date software.  This article looks at the most recent version of Windows that support has

Cybersecurity should be seen as a key element of normal working practices. On the 10th October 2022 the DfE issued updated cybersecurity standards for schools.  Given most of the standards should al

In the future, there could be less fines being handed out to Public sector organisations, according to the ICO’s new data protection regulator. The thought behind this comes from the idea that using

Potential Changes to ‘Cookies’  As part of the Government’s proposed changes to data protection laws, one of the areas that would see changes is the practices around cookie consent. Curren

Organisations in Ukraine are the target of Destructive Malware   Agencies in the US and Australia have published alerts in response to a recent increase in cyber threats to organisations in Ukr

Recently there has been an annual study published by Ponemon Institute (sponsored by Experian) entitled “Is Your Company Ready for a Big Data Breach?”. The study looks at the state of breach prepa

Microsoft Azure Breach Leads to Student Data Exposure  Researchers and Clario published a report which outlined how an open Microsoft Azure repository indexed by a public search engine which needed

It’s been far too long since we’ve checked in with Facebook (now Meta), and their ongoing mission to make as much money as possible from our data, so we thought we would discuss the Metaverse, wit

The 1st of January, the 25th of December, and the 28th of January- the three biggest dates in the calendar each year for being New Years Day, Christmas Day and of course, Data Privacy Day.

With cyber threats increasing every month, we’ll be looking to provide weekly updates on the different cyber security threats that have taken place recently to highlight all the different ways in wh

At Data Protection Education, we are carrying out an ongoing project on assessing potential organisations that our schools are either currently contracted with to supply a product or service, or may i

With great power comes great responsibility and internet companies should be starting to appreciate and take more seriously the responsibilities they hold further to the publication of the report by t

Email is the classic GDPR issue - it's not about the system where we store things, it's about the process and how that data is used. So ask yourself, what is the content of the email and what does it

Cyber attacks are on the up, and with the education sector seeing the highest number of cyber attacks of any sector since the start of the pandemic, as well as the highest increase in attacks in that

On the 10th of November 2021, The Supreme Court announced their long awaited decision regarding a lawsuit between Mr Lloyd and Google. The court found unanimously in favour of Google, and dismissed th

Another week, another Facebook story. Don’t worry, we're not slowly becoming a Facebook news outlet, they just keep making headlines in the world of data protection, and this time seemingly for a po

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  34. Quick guide to key contact information: Official DfE guidance
  35. Key elements of a successful DPIA
  36. FOI Publication Schemes
  37. Morrisons and Vicarious Liability
  38. SHARE: Avoid disinformation online
  39. Best Practice for Managing Photos and Video
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  41. Cybersecurity warning: Coronavirus fraud attacks
  42. How one school is coping with the day to day reality of COVID-I9
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