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The recent news has been full of the global IT outage that affected many systems over the weekend, including airlines and patient access.  Although the incident was not caused by a cyber attack, it is important to note that it was a cyber incident which affects everyone.

A cyber incident is an event with threatens the confidentiality, integrity or availability of information systems, networks or the information they contain.

Review our previous article: What's a Cyber

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As you all prepare to pack up for the Summer, we would like to remind you about the benefits of pre-holiday cyber hygiene.
Many of the cyber attacks that we see on schools happen on the first day of a long weekend or a holiday - that's because the threat actors know in some instances it might be a good while before anyone notices.  

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We are asked a lot about retention schedules and keeping file when a pupil moves onto another school.  
This short video explains the basics behind data retention and the implications of keeping data for longer than required.

  Knowledge Bank
We have a retention schedule on our Knowledge Bank portal where you can check the retention period for all types of files in  your organisation.

Visit our Records Management Best Pract

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This article is for all schools, colleges and multi academy trusts as a first step towards looking at the DfE Digital Standards for Schools and Colleges.

These standards should be used as guidelines to support your school or college use the right digital infrastructure and technology.

The SLT digital lead is usually someone with teaching experience. They will act as a link between: 

technical staff  the SLT  curriculum leads

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This article discusses what a cyber incident is and what you should do if you experience one.  The important thing to note is that this isn't a full-blown cyber attack, but you should still go through various reporting and risk management processes.

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We've been asked by some of our customers what they need to consider when thinking about using AI to improve job efficiency as a time saving exercise or part of CPD, so staff related.
This article puts together some available resources as an initial step.

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Regular cyber training for staff is crucial given the amount of systems involved in running organisations.  Schools and Trusts should be doing this annually as advised by the DfE Cyber Security Digital Standards.

UPDATE: The Upcoming Election and The Data Protection and Digital Information Bill

Latest Update 23rd May (pm):

Lord Sikka reports on X at 4:12pm:
Because of the general election the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill passed by the Commons has fallen in the Lords.
Govt was seeking 24/7 powers to snoop on the bank accounts of recipients of benefits and state pension.
Govt avoided defeat in the Lords by giving in.

It is over for is highly unlikely that a new administration (if there is one) will adopt this legislation. We

The vale federation logo on a white circle with the data protection education logo next to it, some cartoon books, pens and a clock and then the text in white on a navy background: school focus. The Vale Federation, a group of schools in Aylesbury

The Vale Federation is made up of two special schools, Booker Park and Stocklake Park who have worked with Data Protection Education for a number of years on compliance and data protection. They are based in Aylesbury and are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

A White keyboard with a blue key with white text saying Subject Access Request

The DfE have recently published updates to their Data Protection toolkit.  Previously there had been very little guidance in the toolkit about how to respond to Subject Access Requests.  There is now a specific section on this and an extra update about responding to other data rights requests such as changing, deleting or restricting of personal information.

  1. Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2024 (Education Institutions)
  2. Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2024 (Businesses and Charities)
  3. FOI Requests generated by Artificial Intelligence
  4. Social Media Best Practice Area
  5. Lettings Best Practice Area
  6. Appropriate filtering and monitoring definitions
  7. MFA Bombing - What is it?
  8. Protecting your Social Media Accounts
  9. Why we recommend using checklists
  10. Product Focus on Checklists : Initial Trust Plan
  11. Product Focus on Checklists : End of Term Checklist
  12. Product Focus on Checklists : Information and Cyber Security
  13. Product Focus on Checklists : Social Media
  14. Cyber Incident Review: The Benefits
  15. Product Focus on Checklists : Lettings
  16. Product Focus on Checklists : Record of Processing
  17. Milk Island: The secret location that allows children to view restricted content on Google Maps
  18. Why Data Should Stay Put: Benefits of Keeping Data in Its Original System
  19. Product Focus on Checklists : Data Retention and Destruction
  20. Product Focus on Checklists : Data Migration
  21. Product Focus on Checklists : Biometrics
  22. Product Focus on Checklists : Supplier Due Diligence
  23. Free Cyber help, advice and training with the Cyber Resilience Centres
  24. The Perils of Paper: The Printing Vulnerability
  25. Product Focus on Checklists : FOI
  26. Product Focus on Checklists : Governors and Data
  27. Product Focus on Checklists : DPIA
  28. Product Focus on Checklists : Site Moves
  29. Product Focus on Checklists : Data Breaches
  30. Product Focus on Checklists : Subject Access Requests
  31. Cyber attack on a University
  32. Product Focus on Checklists : Bring your own device
  33. Product Focus on Checklists : Working out of school/offsite
  34. Cyber Attack on a School
  35. Product Focus on Checklists : Redaction
  36. Major cyber-criminal gang Lockbit brought down by UK Law Enforcement
  37. Why Due Diligence is Important: Fake apps
  38. Product Focus on Checklists : CCTV
  39. Product Focus on Checklists : Clear desk
  40. Product Focus on Checklists : Commitment to compliance
  41. Product Focus on Checklists : Photos and video
  42. Product Focus on Checklists : Passwords
  43. Product Focus on Checklists : Information Classification
  44. Safer Internet Day 2024
  45. Kent Councils Data Breach
  46. 2FA Authentication day/Happy National Change Your Password Day
  47. Free cyber training for staff
  48. DfE Digital Standards Update
  49. The Mother of all Breaches
  50. ClassCharts Possible Data Breach
  51. Where is your data stored?
  52. IAPP looks at AI privacy risks
  53. If you suspect a financial scam .....
  54. Guardians of Privacy: 16. Social Media Checklist
  55. Guardians of Privacy: 15. Navigating Social Media in Educational Settings Summary
  56. Guardians of Privacy: 14. Social Media and Cyber Bullying
  57. Guardians of Privacy: 13. Social Media, Copyright and Intellectual Property
  58. Guardians of Privacy: 12. Social Media and Going Viral
  59. Guardians of Privacy: 11. Staff Social Media Accounts
  60. Guardians of Privacy: 10. Social Media and Cookies
  61. Guardians of Privacy: 9. Social Media and Morality
  62. New Resources for Schools from the ICO
  63. Guardians of Privacy: 8. Social Media Policies
  64. Guardians of Privacy: 7. Social Media Data Retention
  65. Guardians of Privacy: 6. Posting Safely
  66. Guardians of Privacy: 5. Social Media and Consent
  67. Guardians of Privacy: 4. Social Media Access Control
  68. Guardians of Privacy: 3. Social Media Channels
  69. Guardians of Privacy: 2. Law and Regulations
  70. Guardians of Privacy: 1. Social media, privacy and children
  71. Latest ICO Reprimand. Mr. S. Claus, Chief Executive Officer, North Pole Enterprises
  72. Phishing attacks targeting schools - alert from City of London Police
  73. The Data Protection And Digital Information Bill (DPADI)
  74. The ICO reprimands a Multi Academy Trust
  75. KCSIE: Filtering, Monitoring and Privacy
  76. Guidance for the use of school email and applying email retention in schools
  77. CISA and UK NCSC Announce Joint Guidelines for Secure AI System Development
  78. Data Protection Tips for Early Years Settings
  79. Children's Privacy around the world is a puzzle
  80. Trust Initial Plan Checklist Update
  81. Update on Advisory for Rhysida Ransomware
  82. Records Management Best Practice Update
  83. Governors and Data Best Practice Area Update
  84. The Crime in a Cyber Attack and a Data Breach
  85. What do I need to redact?
  86. NCSC Annual Review is published for 2023
  87. Learning from Data Breaches
  88. Windows 11 security ineffective against attacks on old devices
  89. Trust Initial Plan for Data Protection Compliance (for Multi Academy Trusts)
  90. International Counter Ransomware Initiative 2023 Joint Statement
  91. Google for Education Resources: Helping IT Admins meet DfE digital and technology standards
  92. Resistant Cloud Backups
  93. Top Ten Cyber Security Misconfigurations
  94. Lettings Best Practice and Guidance
  95. ICO Reprimand: company suffered a ransomware attack
  96. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 31. On the road to cyber essentials
  97. The UK Online Safety Bill becomes an Act (Law)
  98. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 24. Backups
  99. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 27. Passwords
  100. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 30. Support
  101. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 29. Admin controls
  102. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 28. Phishing
  103. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 26. Physical Security
  104. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 25. Server Security
  105. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 23. Filtering and Monitoring
  106. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 22. Hardware: Printers
  107. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 21. Hardware: Asset Control
  108. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 20. Hardware: Safe disposal
  109. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 19. Anti-virus/anti-malware
  110. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 18. Regular Updates
  111. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 17. Access Control (Users)
  112. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 16. Access Control (Wi-Fi/Network access)
  113. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 15. Access Control (working from home/off site)
  114. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 14. Access Control (MFA)
  115. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 13. Awareness
  116. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 11. Policies and Procedures
  117. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 12. Training
  118. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 10. Assess where you are with cyber security
  119. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 9. A guide for education providers
  120. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 8. How can your school prevent Ransomware attacks?
  121. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 7. What does a Ransomware attack on a school look like?
  122. Considerations when migrating to a new MIS
  123. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 6. Cyber Action Plan
  124. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 5. Responsibilities
  125. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 4. What to do in a cyber attack
  126. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 3. Data Security
  127. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 2. Privacy Protection
  128. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 1. Why is cyber security important?
  129. The importance of software updates (PaperCut vulnerability and Rhysida ransomware)
  130. Public bodies and sensitive data
  131. Adding offline bulk training using the Certificates function
  132. Ransomware, extortion and the cyber crime ecosystem
  133. ICO: 10 Step guide to sharing information to safeguard children
  134. Schools under Cyber Attack: September 2023
  135. Cyber Resource: The Cyber Resilience Centre Group
  136. Schools and Trusts Best Practice Area
  137. Email and Security: ICO recent guidance
  138. Help after a Cyber Attack/Incident
  139. Social Media Policy
  140. Data Protection and Cyber Security (Inset Day) Training Ideas
  141. Changes to Microsoft Free Licensing for Schools
  142. What to do in the event of a Cyber Attack
  143. Cyber Crime: AI Generated Phishing Attacks
  144. Handling Freedom of Information Requests the right way
  145. Cyber Attack: Exam Boards
  146. VICE SOCIETY - Ransomware attacks on schools
  147. Using Tags if you are a group of organisations in the DPE Knowledge Bank
  148. Where's Harry the Hacker?
  149. Be Cyber Aware: USB Sticks
  150. Cyber Insurance in the Public Sector
  151. Types of Cyber Attacks: DDos Attack (Microsoft DDoS Attack in June)
  152. Cyber Attack: Manchester University
  153. Cyber Attack: Leytonstone School
  154. The ICO Reprimands a school
  155. Be Cyber Aware: Firewalls
  156. Subject Access Requests (SARs)
  157. Be Cyber Aware: Cyber attacks and transparency. A no blame culture
  158. Cyber Attack: Dorchester School
  159. Knowledge Bank Role Types: Admin, Staff and Trustee
  160. Types of Cyber Attacks: Password Attacks
  161. Be Cyber Aware: Why regular software updates are important
  162. Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2023
  163. World Password Day - May 4th
  164. Cyber Attack: Wiltshire School
  165. Keeping your IT systems safe and secure
  166. Types of Cyber Attacks: DDoS Attacks
  167. Types of Cyber Attacks: Phishing
  168. Types of Cyber Attacks: The Insider Threat
  169. Why your data is profitable to cyber criminals
  170. Using WhatsApp in Schools
  171. The Changes to Data Protection in the UK
  172. Knowledge Bank Updates
  173. Types of malware and how they are linked to data protection
  174. Striking Data Breach
  175. Windows Server 2012 & 2012 R2 Retirement
  176. How to contact us for support, subject access requests, data breaches and FOI's
  177. YouTube breached child protection laws
  178. How a school fought back after a cyberattack
  179. Types of Cyber Attacks - Credential Stuffing
  180. January Cyber update - How Can Schools Help Prevent Cyber Attacks?
  181. End of Windows 8.1 Support
  182. Assigning courses to staff using to-dos
  183. How the Record of Processing Can Help You
  184. Information Security Basics: What are VPN's?
  185. What does a Data Protection Officer Do?
  186. Are you ready for a Data Breach?
  187. Blog: Best Practice on the Retention of Child Protection Information
  188. Carrying out Supplier Due Diligence
  189. Email and retention periods
  190. How Long Should You Keep Personal Data For?
  191. The Education sector now at highest risk of cyber attacks
  192. How to Assess your Data Security
  193. Schools Blocked from Using Facial Recognition Systems
  194. Sharing this year’s Nativity play online
  195. A quick introduction to the Phishing Simulation tool
  196. The Children's Code
  197. Recording vaccination of staff
  198. B&H FoI: Racist/religious incidents/bullying
  199. Cyber Attacks
  200. Protocol for Setting Up and Delivery of Online Teaching and Learning
  201. Class Dojo International Data Sharing
  202. Model Publication Scheme: Amendments, Improvements and Updates
  203. Child friendly privacy notices
  204. Transparency
  205. Parents and students covertly recording conversations
  206. SAR? ER? FOI?
  207. Secure file transfer of files using Royal Mail
  208. Emergency contacts and consent
  209. Key elements of a successful DPIA
  210. FOI Publication Schemes
  211. SHARE: Avoid disinformation online
  212. Best Practice for Managing Photos and Video
  213. New Drip Feeds: Recognise and Respond to Subject Access Request
  214. When to contact the Data Protection Officer?
  215. National child measurement programme
  216. Make sure DPE is your registered DPO with the ICO
  217. Compliance Manager released
  218. Headteacher fined for breach of data protection legislation
  219. Emails – good practice and minimising the risk of a data breach