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Best Practice Update

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Guardians of Privacy: 8. Social Media Policies

This article is one of a series written by Data Protection Education in collaboration with Litus Digital, a social media management company.  The articles came about from questions asked by Data Protection Education's customers, our own experience of working in education,  as school governors, parents and data protection professionals.  The articles raise questions about how social media can be used as safely as possible in a school environment,  security considerations, the law and protecting children.  It is not possible to cover every aspect of social media, but the articles aim to provide guidance, raise privacy questions and provide some support for safe posting.

A social media policy should include guidelies to protect an organisation's security, privacy and legal interests.    It also outlines your expectations for how employees use social media for their personal accounts and the organisation (where appropriate).  It is important that staff clarify whose opinion is being expressed in any posts.  The policy should apply to all platforms and everything that an employee posts online.  It also means that employees understand any legal boundaries and appropriate sharing of content.
A social media policy should outline guidelines and expectations for the use of social media platforms by individuals and employees associated with an organisation.  The primary aim of the policy is to ensure responsible, respectful and effective use of social media while protecting the organisation’s reputation and interests.

Review: DPE Model Social Media Policy
Also review:  pdf Staff Acceptable Use Policy Template (62 KB)

Overall, social media policies serve as a proactive measure to mitigate risks associated with the use of social platforms, ensuring that employees understand the boundaries and expectations regarding their online presence in relation to their work and the organisation.

    Guardians of Privacy: Social Media Articles