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Best Practice Update

Harry the hacker on a laptop standing on a giant mobile phone with coloured social media icons coming out of it. Data Protection Education logo on the bottom right

Protecting your Social Media Accounts

We recently published a series of articles on all things social media, which also included information about protecting your social media accounts.  The South East Cyber Resilience Centre has recently published a blog about this:
SCRC have created a video showing the basic steps for keeping your social media accounts secure:

The main steps being:
  1. Multi factor authentication
  2. Strong passwords, and change the default password
  3. Using  user roles on your social media accounts
  4. Know which devices are signed into your social media accounts
  5. use the FaceID feature on mobile devices
  6. Implement a security policy for social media
  7. Make sure your policy makes employees wary of clicking on links from unfamiliar followers
How to stop your social media accounts costing you thousands is the full report.

DPE's social media article series: