Best Practice Update

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FOI Publication Schemes

We have added publication scheme model templates in the FOI Best Practice area for academies as well as maintained schools.

Difference between the High Level and Detailed Publication Scheme

  • The Detailed Publication Scheme has been created to give details for each area that can be cross-referenced and used in conjunction with the High-Level Scheme.
  • The High-Level Scheme gives you the foundations for completing the Publication Scheme for your school. 
  • The Detailed Publication Scheme shows the DfE statutory policies and guidance that a school must publish with links to the relevant websites and/or details of where you would obtain this information in school i.e. governors minutes, hard copies, in person or website. You may not have all of these as single documents, for example: The Accessibility Plan may be included in the Equality Policy and/or the First Aid in Schools could be included in the Health and Safety Policy. 
  • The High-Level Publication Scheme can be used as a template and can be adapted for your school. Abbreviations have been used to show where it is driven from the ICO or DfE.
  • There are an additional two sections to include: school aims and targets. This is optional so can be kept or removed as appropriate. 
  • There may also be additional documents that are not included that you could possibly have on your website that can be added to the template. 
  • Links to both the ICO website and DfE for additional information are contained within the templates.