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October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 12. Training

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, and while we don't think that cyber awareness is something to cover just once in the year, we think it's a good opportunity to publish some information that can be used all year round.
Awareness Day Twelve: Training
Awareness Day Twelve: Training
All staff should regularly do data protection training, and cyber security awareness and training is a part of that.  Consider including a phishing campaign as a part of that training exercise.

Other training ideas: 
Are you looking for some data protection training for your inset day(s) at the start of term?  Here are some ideas about how to raise awareness around data protection and cyber security for your staff. 

The training should be relevant, accurate and up to date. Training and awareness makes sure that all employees receive appropriate training about your privacy programme, including what its goals are, what it requires people to do and what responsibilities they have.  

Remember that data protection training should be part of your staff onboarding process. All staff should receive refresher training, regardless of how long they will be working for your organisations, their contractual status or grade.    Staff should complete refresher training at appropriate intervals.

The ICO advises:

Further guidance about training: ICO: Training and Awareness which is part of the Accountability Framework.

We would recommend that staff are aware of your own data protection policies and procedures, their own responsibilities regards data protection and cyber security/cyber awareness training.

We've put together a list of free resources for training:

Data Protection Education Resources

The News Pages of the Data Protection Education Website - this gives up to date data protection and cyber security awareness.

If you are a school, review our Schools Best Practice Area, the Examples and Advice tab will give school related examples of data breaches, cyber attacks and reprimands that some school staff may relate to.

Review our Training Courses, as videos can be played in a meeting for staff that may not have regular access to a computer.

Where's Harry the Hacker worksheet is a good interactive training resources to spot data breaches and create discussion.

Review the DPE Drip Feeds - posters section of our website, for posters to print and create awareness as part of your training programme.

Regularly check in with your Data Protection Education consultant as part of our commitment to compliance for more guidance about training.

If you are a school, we recommend also reviewing how cyber training now links to Keeping Children Safe in Education for September: 

If you are a Data Protection Education customer then all staff can be added to our Knowledge Bank and assigned training courses, including your governors and trustees: 

ICO Data Protection Training

The ICO provides a series of short training videos:

Cyber Security Training

NCSC Top Tips for Staff Interactive Video
Cyber Security Training for School Staff