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Hooded person over a computer linked to a padlock and password, badge for data protection officer, white text saying Be Cyber Aware

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month: 13. Awareness

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, and while we don't think that cyber awareness is something to cover just once in the year, we think it's a good opportunity to publish some information that can be used all year round.
Awareness Day Thirteen: Awareness
Awareness Day Thirteen: Awareness
All staff should regularly do data protection training, and cyber security awareness and training is a part of that.  Awareness could be through drip feed posters, we provide several as part of our subscription service:
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Our free training/awareness resource:

Here's a little fun. It's our not-so-good friend Harry the Hacker. He's all over the place...can you find him?
And what other security issues can you find? 

Fun, yes! But hopefully, also something that can be used to provoke some talking points about data security. Perhaps use it for a more light-hearted training refresh? And certainly a way to introduce some data protection concepts to the kids!

Click here or the image (or right-mouse click and "Save As") for a downloadable and printable A3 graphic (JPEG 6MB)

Or click here for an interactive version!

Harry the Hacker School Day 1

This resource is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License. That means you can freely download it, use and share it, but you must credit Data Protection Education (so no removing the logo), and cannot change it nor use it commercially.