Knowledge Bank Updates

Photo of a laptop logged into the Data Protection Education Knowledge Bank, showing the Dashboard

Using Tags if you are a group of organisations in the DPE Knowledge Bank

If you are a group of organisations such as a multi academy trust and a member of the central team,  it can be useful to view all of the organisations/schools and the main organisation/trust details all at once in several of the Knowledge Bank pages to give an overview.  When your organisation are added into the Knowledge Bank, we will have tagged them all appropriately. For example, when on the Dashboard Screen choose 'Select Tag' below the Organisation (you do not need to choose the organisation first), and choose the tag associated with your organisation (you will only be able to see the ones that are available to you).

Once selected this will then display all of the organisations associated with that tag with the information grouped.

Tags can also be found in:
  • Tickets
  • Data Rights Log
  • Data Breach Log
  • FOI Log
  • Compliance Manager
  • Courses
  • Making the Rounds
  • Record of Processing
  • Third-party Contracts and Software
  • Staff (user management)