Knowledge Bank Updates

Photo of Data Protection Education Knowledge Bank Dashboard

Knowledge Bank Role Types: Admin, Staff and Trustee

This article is about the different user types available on the Knowledge Bank and what they have access to.
Details about how to add users onto the Knowledge Bank can be found in the Using the Knowledge Bank Best Practice Library: How to add users to the Knowledge Bank

This would typically be the GDPR/Data Protection lead in an organisation, where they would have the responsibility of adding other staff members onto the Knowledge Bank, adding data breaches, Subject Access Requests and assigning training courses to staff.
 An administrator has an overview dashboard:

An administrator has access to:
  • All tickets raised in an organisation.  If it is a multi academy trust, all schools can be seen within the trust
  • Data Rights Log (Subject Access Requests)
  • Breach Log
  • FOI Log
  • Compliance Manager
  • Training Courses
  • Checklist items
  • Phishing Simulation tool
  • Document redaction
  • To-do Manager
  • Record of Processing
  • Software list for the organisation
  • Hardware list for the organisation
  • Third-parties and contracts for the organisation
  • Users
  • Reports
  • Best Practice Libraries
  • Best Practice Checklists
  • Courses
  • Documents
  • Making the Rounds (data walk)
  • DPE News

These are staff members in an organisation, such as teachers and support staff.

A staff member,s dashboard lists their assigned tasks:

Through the menu they also have access to:
These are members of the governing and trust board that might need an overview of the general data protection view of the organisation.
The trustee role has a dashboard view to give an overview of the organisation - as it is an overview they are not able to click into any detail.