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Knowledge Bank Updates

Compliance Manager released

We've released version 1 of the Compliance Manager tool.

What is it?
The Compliance Manager allows you to assign any document to staff and enable the following interactions

  • I have read and understood
  • I have used this in practice


Any standard document type can be uploaded and interactions selected. Then select the users to assign the document too and a date by which the users should have responded.

I have read and understood
A simple way to ensuring that staff confirmed that they have received, read and understood the issued document

I have used this in practice
If staff have confirmed that they have read and understood, you can also request a short statement explaining what has been done to achieve the outcomes desired in the document

I have given consent 
To be used only on its own and can be toggled by the user.

The rules of consent should apply:

  • Must be specific (do not collect consent once for different purposes)
  • Must be freely given
  • Must be informed
  • Must be unambiguous


To access the Compliance Manager, to go Tools>Compliance Manager.

Users will receive notification of document assignment and when logged in, can access them by going to Courses & Events>My Assigned Documents