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2FA Authentication day/Happy National Change Your Password Day

While we think every day is important to consider your security around your passwords, there's no harm in highlighting the importance of security and best practice.
Yesterday was National Change Your password Day, which comes days after Data Privacy Day - all a good reminder for password and online best practice.  You don't need to mark the day by changing all your passwords (that would be a lot of work for most people), and possibly unnecessary.  Previous advice had been to change your password regularly but has been recognised that it can cause people to set easy passwords through difficulty of making up new ones regularly.  Current thoughts by security experts are to set great passwords for all of your accounts and use 2FA/multi-factor authentication where possible.  Consider signing up for a password manager to help you.

Today is officially 2FA Day, although it is more often referred to now as multi-factor authentication.  It is a security measure that adds an extra layer of protection to your online accounts, in addition to your password.  By requiring not just a password, but also something you have, such as a phone, security key or biometric data, multi-factor authentication helps to prevent unauthorised access to your personal and financial information.

Sources of information: 
CNET Happy National Change Your Password Day

If you are a school, we would advise reviewing the Cyber Security Standards section of the DfE Digital Standards for Schools and Colleges.

Data Protection Education Previous Multi-Factor Authentication Article:
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One of the best security procedures you can put in place to secure your data.

Final thought - you can manage MFA with PayPal, Netflix and personal admin - your work accounts deserve the same security!