This article will be updated with latest support advice.

All our e-learning packages and the learning management system have been extensively tested in all browsers and operating systems. However, we understand that problems sometimes still occur. 

If the e-learning doesn't load, or freezes (especially on a quiz) please try the following steps:

  1. Try a different browser - we recommend Google Chrome
  2. Clear your browser cache (
  3. If problems persist, then please whitelist and in the following applications:
    1. Any ad-blocker applications or plugins 
    2. Anti-virus
    3. Malware
    4. Firewall
  4. The conflict may be caused by an unknown browser plugin - at this point, either disable your browser plugins or install a "clean" browser without any plugins.
  5. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further assistance 


In relation to the NCSC "Staying Safe Online", the NCSC has advised us as a temporary workaround  that some users are able to click the submit button at the end of the quiz if they zoom out to 67% on the final screen.



Certificates are available on all courses, when completed. They can be accessed by visiting the course home page (My Activities >  My Courses >  Select course)  and if the certificate is available, then the link will show in the top right-hand side.

Expiry dates

Expiry dates on certificates are now showing correctly. 

All certificates have a 2-year expiry term.


We've added a short survey for school managers to complete on what GDPR training you've undertaken in your organisation.

We've had nearly 5,000 enrollments on our GDPR: Data Protection 101 e-learning course. However, we know that some organisations have delivered training in different ways and there is some variance in which it has been delivered to different staff groups (such as governors). We want to collect feedback on all the different approaches so we can better develop appropriate interventions to support your data protection prgramme at every level of the organisation.

The survey only takes two minutes to complete.

Click here to complete the survey.

We have updated how enrolment works.

As a school manager, you no longer have to enrol your staff on courses.
All registered users within your school will automatically have access to all courses.

All you need to do, is upload staff to the Data Protection Knowledge Bank and instruct them to login and that the course is available.

During the last two weeks of February, we expect to complete our data centre move.

Historically, our servers have been configured as a private cloud, based on dedicated servers located in multiple data centres in Germany.

As the risk of no-deal Brexit increases, the danger exists that should the data physically reside in the EEA and the UK is no longer a member without an adequacy agreement, there is no lawful basis for the transfer of the data outside of the EEA.

Therefore we are taking this opportunity to move our infrastructure including development and QA environments to UK data centres.

Where we work with any developers or third-party support agents we will use only UK based organisations (Learn to Enterprises Ltd, E2BN) or in the case of our development party Tekdi Technologies Pvt. Ltd, we use standard model clauses to allow the lawful transfer of data outside of the UK



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