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Data Protection Walk Document

Our data protection walk is designed to take you on a journey around school to spot any data protection and handling concerns or areas that need tightening up for GDPR. Consider what is being shared, why it is being shared and if the person whose data it is - the data subject, is aware that it is being shared in this way or if they are being put at risk.

We start with reception and ask you to look at what personal information is available, both intentionally and unintentionally and whether it needs better protecting or if privacy notices need updating. We then go into the staffroom and consider who has access to the staffroom - is it locked, if recyling bins are open and how personal data is shared and secured. Other areas we consider include if offices are left open when no-one is in them, what information is available near offices and what is displayed in corridors and available in open classrooms.

The document asks you various questions and can be written on or typed directly into.

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